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Founder and publisher: Kharkiv State Academy of Culture

The Kharkiv State Academy of Culture (KhSAC) is a state-owned institution of higher education that prepares students for professional careers in a wide variety of fields of activity, such as communication and information, business and administration, social work, culture and arts. Its unique feature is that education in such different study areas is carried out in one academic complex with strong interdisciplinary links, which has made it possible for the Academy to become one of the top centres of culture and education in Ukraine.
Established in 1929, KhSAC had long been the only higher education institution providing competent specialists for the cultural sector of Ukraine. It was the first in Ukraine to start education in library and information science (LIS) and, later, in cultural studies. Today the Academy is a modern university-type institution accredited at the highest, 4th level, providing the best education in the country in LIS and cultural studies. The Academy offers a broad range of bachelor and master degree programmes in 14 subject areas of 7 fields of study: "Culture", "Art", "Teacher Education", "Management and Administration", "Journalism and Information", "Specific Categories", "Service Sector".
Over the years of its existence the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture has educated about 40,000 professionals, including more than 400 international students from 42 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America. Many international graduates of KhSIC occupy top positions at ministries and cultural institutions in their countries.
The Kharkiv State Academy of Culture is a member of EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research), BOBCATSSS (Organization for Cooperation between Schools of Library & Information Science).
In September 2005 the Academy signed the Magna Charta of European universities in Bologna.
Since 1994 the Academy has signed several bilateral agreements on cooperation, among them The Royal School of Library and Information Science (Copenhagen, Denmark), the Hochschule fuer Medien (Stuttgart, Germany), the School of Information and Media of The Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, UK), the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland), the Higher Technological Academy (Dandong, China), Nanchang University (Nanchang, China), the Department of Theatre Art of Gonzaga University (Spokane, USA).
The education process in the Academy is aimed at fostering a creative attitude to the chosen major, and at developing practical skills enabling graduates to solve professional problems in the most effective way.
The Academy has postgraduate (PhD) and doctoral courses for students specialising in: Theory and History of Culture, Ukrainian Culture, Documentation and Archive Science, Bibliology, Library Science and Bibliography, Music Art;, Museology, Theory and History of Economics, Social Pedagogy, Theater Art.
Each year the Academy staff members publish over a thousand research papers. The Academy publishes two sicentific journals: Visnyk of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture and Culture of Ukraine approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Student artistic activities are representd by an academic choir, brass and jazz bands, folk instrument orchestra, Soundblase vocal ensemble, Stozhary folk music ensemble, Farby folk group, Zapovit folk dance theatre, Estet contemporary dance theatre, a ballroom dance ensemble; Step pop singing student theatre. Hundreds of students have become prize and diplomas winners of international and all-Ukrainian festivals and competitions.